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The Lunchbox Buddies came into existence through a combination of family and friends. My wife, Monika, and I have been packing notes with fun messages and silly cartoon characters in our daughters' lunches since they started grade school. The girls loved getting their notes — and still do! It's a great way to stay connected and let the girls know we're thinking of them.three cards
The girls really got a kick out of the cartoons, and it wasn't long before the notes became a hit with their friends. Other kids started asking our girls, "Did you get a note today?" And when they had, the girls would come home with big smiles, talking about their friends' reactions.

We discovered that adults really liked the silly characters as well. When our friends came to visit, they'd see our notes and say, "These cartoons are great! How do you have time to do that every day?"

We know how much time is involved in getting kids ready and off to school, and one day, we thought — why don't we make notes for those parents who don't always have the time to write their own? We knew that kids loved these silly-looking characters, and we loved the idea of creating more for other kids to have, share and keep.

And — voila, Lunchbox Buddies were born!

We hope Lunchbox Buddies bring a little fun to your child's day.


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Jim Adorney (with family: Monika, Sabine, Milena, Lisette & friend).

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