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"All my kids LOVE the crazy creatures and funny sayings of the
Lunchbox Buddies. Instead of being tossed after lunch, the kids bring them home so they can look at the pictures again and share with their siblings too! What a great product!"
– Kristin S., Scituate, MA

"What a timer saver! I don't have time to write notes to my kids. These make it so easy! I can slip one into their lunches and know I'll at least give them a smile and let them know I'm thinking of them."
– Ursula L., Concord, OH

"Thank you so much for the Lunchbox Buddies! They provide the perfect way for me to write notes to put in the kids' lunches. They are funny and quirky enough so that my middle-school son is not embarrassed to get a note from his mom. My younger girls like to save them and color them in, then tape them to their lockers. I expected them to be thin, like Post-it Notes, but the paper stock is thick and durable – that was a nice surprise!"
– Julie S., Topsfield, MA

"My daughters, 11 yrs and 8 yrs, loved the quirky characters of Lunchbox Buddies, and shared them with their friends over lunch! What a hit, and what a creative way to surprise my girls and let them know I'm thinking about them. They want more!!"
– Shannon T., Scituate, MA

"These notes make a tuna fish lunch cool!"
– Lindsey T., Brea, CA


“When I came across Lunchbox Buddies they became a must have for my household! The boys and I colored one packet of the buddies. They were very excited to see each drawing and funny name for the characters. It has been enjoyable to hear their stories of giggling in the cafeteria, from the entertainment the cards give the students. Several of the class mothers have asked me where to buy them. I believe we have started a new trend in the lunchroom!! “
– Joyful Musings

“I slipped one into my son's lunch last week and didn't tell him about it. When he got home, I asked him how he liked his lunch and with the biggest grin ever! ‘What was that funny picture you put in there!? It was so funny!’ That made this mama's heart swell to know that I made him laugh today and I wasn't even there. So now I add them to his lunch every couple of days. I think we may try coloring a few this weekend just for fun!”
– The Daily Dose

“My boys love these and I love them too. I give the Lunchbox Buddies a big 5/5!”
– Jenn’s Review Blog

“Lunchbox Buddies are the perfect way to let my family know that I'm thinking about them while they're gone and also to hopefully make them smile! The first time I slipped a Lunchbox Buddies note into my husband's lunch, he called to tell me that it made his day, which makes me happy too.”
– Missi Rose’s Views

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